Clubs Just Like Yours
Former Soviet Republic now a growing mission field
High Power Sports Camp prepares to reach Africa's youth
You + a bicycle = Ride for Refuge to benefit Awana Children at Risk
Teen girl eager to share Jesus through Awana
Cinthia can't wait to get to club!
Zambia - Leader Testimony
Young Evangelist in Zambia
Cinthia's Family Comes to Jesus
Yuba Tamang Sees Spiritual Changes
China: Building Healthy Families for Christ
Introducing Awana's Newest App!
South Asia: Given Away Twice, Boy Finds His Eternal Family
Curiosity Replaces Crime with Christ
Student Puts Her Creativity to Work for Awana
Two Brave Girls in Nepal
A Small Child with Big Faith
Change in Russia
An "Ill-Tempered" Boy Changed By God
Elias: 9 Years Old & Making a Difference
Reaching an Entire Family
Reaching Children in the Middle East North Africa
A Happy Hearted Boy for God
Clubbers Come to Christ in Egypt
Imprisoned But Set Free
"Spiritual High"
Awana Aruba Anniversary
Awana Egypt Abundant
A Child Will Lead Them...
Transportation Strike Just A Little Bump in the Road
Held Captive on Trinity Island, Ecuador
A Song Leader in the Making
The Truth Be Told
Passion Equals Progress
Salvation So Satisfying
Faithful and Obedient
Awana Feedback from Field
Past Hurt Led Him to Christ
Spirit Filled Region
Through the Storm
Papua New Guinea - Kids cheer when hearing God can defeat Satan
Sanity Through Our Savior
Repeat that Score!
Fire in Kibera Slum!
I was completely healed
A mere padlock
Wonderful impression on the locals
Walk this Way
Workweeks Worthwhile
Sacrifices for the Suffering
Segments Enjoyed by All
Radio Program Well Received
Recycled by GOD
Victories & Blessings Witnessed
Partnership Program Benefits So Many
Troubled boy attends club
They attend club every single week
Over 50 kids
Thank God we could start with the Awana club in 2008
Parents and clubbers celebrate
They don't want to miss it!
A Heart for Hearing
Club photos from Venezuela
"Since the heart is such a little organ, how can Jesus go in there to live with me?"
12 year old preacher
He fled for his life!
Fear of reprimand and isolation
News from Awana Japan
Encouraging testimonies from Tanzania
Clubber Testimony from Kenya
That's a BIG thing for them!
Christmas carolers believe in Christ
Conviction in Numbers
Developing Disciples in Southeast Asia
Prayer Brings Blessing
Awana Slum Club
Seeing is Believing
Five Day Hike to Mountain of God!
Brian's Letter from Egypt
Sinners come home
Leadership Conference in Ukraine
Parents would not let him go to church
Thanks for the support
Boy running
Philip, a sad story...
Awana day pics!
Clubber is now leading!
Bidhya Gurung
Numbers are going up...
A mother speaks...
God's timing...
Christmas carolers find Christ
After six years of Awana ...
Asante Sarah
The Word of God transforms
Anup Tamang
Leaders for 8 years...
Awana in a small village
Indonesian Leader very happy
Clowns in Cuba
Incurable disease healed!!!
Ann Wambui's story
"Can you give me Jesus' mobile number?"
A View from the Top of the World
Nobody Loves a Leper
Abused, Sold, then Abandoned - (all by the age of Four)
"Come and see the Living Goddess!"
Children-At-Risk - Nepal
Children-At-Risk - India
Children-At-Risk - Bangladesh
If Awana hadn't started in our chuch...
Reversal of roles
Faithful leader in Fiji
The Infinite power of God
Gospel competing with what the world offers
He is Mighty to save!
Looking for some leaders!
Launching new Awana club in Venezuela
Amazing potential!
Manga, a 13 year old, shares a miracle
How do you measure impact?
Serious need for Awana Clubs in Venezuela
Struggles in Ukraine
Awana leader in Ghana loves the games
From Sparks... to Pastor!
Clubber in Fiji
Great news from Ukraine
Church on the front lines!
Radical change
Clubber turned leader!
Grateful Leader
Eternal Life
Eternal Life
African Boys reading the word
Blessed are they that hunger for righteousness
Children in Nicaragua
Pastor wants Awana in 130 Sunday schools!
Scripture memory helping with reading
An excellent report!
TWR Nepal and Awana Club Nepal
Indonesian Leader very surprised
My hunger for the Word of God has been stirred!
I never would have believed...
Two clubbers come to Christ
HIV Orphans in Nepal
Personal attention
Christ defeats Satan in Cuba
I hope God will fullfil his vision through me
Pinoy na Pinoy
Precious quote!
Thank you God for Awana
Awana opens our eyes
Another great testimony of TWR and Awana partnership
Evil spirits...
Church almost triples in size
Kate found Jesus because of Awana clubs
Former gun-toting gangster becomes pastor - C@R
India - 5 year old orphan finds the love of Jesus
Maheba Refugee Settlement Camp
Awana in Malawi Orphanage
Awana clubs sharing Christ with 23,000 children in Nepalese refugee camps
God is moving in Zambia
Eternal Refuge
Cute sketch from Fiji Clubber
Ten kids came to Christ!
Fiji - Clubber drawing
Prison Guard's daughter helps him find Jesus
AWANA is an evidence of God's mercy for our church
Maheba Refugee Settlement Camp
Czech Bible Quiz is a little special!
Young boy in Slovakia searching for the truth
Doctors said no hope
Sunday school is not enough
Awana in Malawi Orphanage
Young girl believes
Sowing the word of God in the heart
Awana missionary in Philippines
Awana clubs in the darkest places
Orthodox Priest discovers Awana
Mozambique - Ex-Witch doctors!
Troubled boy finds Christ
Miracle in Nepal!
Parents have noticed changes in their children
AWANA ministry has made a tremendous impact on our children
Mother, my religion is different now than yours
Youn men ready to serve
Just in time
Leaders traveled 50 km
World cup soccer
Katya's parents would not allow her to go to Awana
Egypt - Camp Awana 2010
Egypt - Awana affects leader's daughter!
Fiji - Clubber drawing
Cuba - The Gospel reaches Brenda an 11 year old girl!
Egypt - Clubber becomes Awana missionary!
Czech Republic - One hour radio spot!
Slovakia - Awana is strengthening my faith!
Ghana-High School Senior becomes Awana Leader!
Ecuador - Awana ministry will be of great help...
India - 5 year old orphan finds the love of Jesus
Guatemala - "I know God has a great purpose for my life"
India - Awana game time gives birth to new church
Slovakia - I felt a peace and joy in my heart
Egypt - Gospel was joyously shared
Ukraine - God protects clubbers!
Philippines - "I have seen the urgency:
Zimbabwe - Awana is a good program for our school!
Egypt - Pastor Issac
Nepal - My family was from Hindu community
Philippines - "I used to see children as a bother..."
New Awana leader has change of heart
Liberia - "What must I do to be saved?"
Woman in refugee camp to be an Awana leader!
Cuba - Brave young girl
Awana -TWR Nepal partnership
Venezuela - Filled with joy!
Philippines - Awana leader ministers to children in garbage dump
One Child at a Time
Adopt-a-Club - Not just for clubbers!
Boys vs. Girls for a Pizza Party
Six Thermometers and Blessings
Kenya - Sylvia's Story
Ukraine - Awana Games bring happiness to clubbers
Guatemala No matter what the sacrifice
Bhutan - Many churches, no children's programs
Ukraine New Churches experience Awana
Jamaica clean vision
Fiji now I have a clear vision
India new young leadership
Mozambique - Twenty three kids come to Christ
India Positive response
Africa - The story of Mercy
Egypt - Margo
Russian girl's testimony
Tanzania - "This is the first time I heard the name AWANA"
Zambia - Children are finding it easier to learn the bible verses
Awana is a good way for bringing Children and their parents in Christ
Nicaragua 5-6 times growth in Sunday school
Copy of Ukraine Awana starting in an orphanage
Sudan thankful hearts
Philippines Helping kids know right from wrong
Mexico 271 clubbers!!
Ukraine Awana starting in an orphanage
Indonesia I have learned a lot
INDONESIA Peter's story
Nepal - Numbers of children attending church are also being increased
Ukraine - Many non Christian families heard about our God
Egypt - Kids behavior has changed
Egypt The story of Mina
Philippines Trust and Obey
Venezuela - Urgent
Wonderful time playing games and telling Bible stories!
Random children came to look what was going on
Pastor plans to adopt 5 children!
No more boring Bible stories
The story of Diana
Excited pastor in New Delhi!
More than 1200 clubbers hear the Gospel each week in Sudan
Grateful in the country of Bhutan
Girl can hardly wait to get home from school on Wednesdays!
Widow reaching Muslim kids in Kenya
Peter reads his Bible a lot more
Reaching children from all backgrounds
Children sitting at home during the church service??
My parents are Hindu
Change in perspective
Arab boys and girls learn about Jesus
From zero leaders to nine!
Nepal boy sells newspapers to buy Awana handbook and uniform
Disabled kids are people too!
People are coming to Christ through their kids!
Grateful in Jamaica
Kids near Chernobyl find Christ
Pray for more leaders!
Prayers answered in Slovakia
Big thank you from Nicaragua!
Great news from Egypt
Pray for Awana clubs in Vietnam
Displaced orphans in India find hope
Amazing church plant in Nepal!
Incredible Growth in Nepal
Six new families have joined church!
Orphanage shut down
My parents are Hindu
15 new kids coming to church
Closing for the hot summer months
Rise up to make a difference!
Some were crying warmly
Club has grown 11 times
Addicted to chewing tobacco
I am one year old in Awana
Spiritual darkness still dominates
Those kids were having SUCH FUN!
He read through the Bible 26 times
Something different happened inside of me
Money is short but God is strong
Obedience and Sacrifice
Love shows up in Haiti
12 year old kicked out of home
Our community will never be the same
Tears of Joy
God is near when nobody else is
Taking Awana back to Village
Traveling 2.5 hours for Bible quizzing
Boy sees vision of God
Praying to win
Update from Haiti
Prayer for young leaders needed
Brian becomes a Believer
Mother changed through daughter
5 new families came to church
3 children pulled out of club
Why a trainer likes Awana
Electricity off 50% of the time
Althea gives back
Exciting games! Words of life! Happy Sharing!
First Anglican church in Fiji to have Awana
If there is no rain we suffer
This is a revival
A little heart has been changed
Esmeralda's Story
I have the opportunity to pay forward
Awana club in IDP Camp
I will give hope to the hopeless like me
Easter in Zimbabwe
Soccer for 'at risk' kids
Teenager experiences revival
Pray for Nepal to be a Christian nation
Afraid to be inside buildings
Confirmation of my call
Teaching kids will help church grow
Only God can help me reach my goal
Change will start with me
23 hours by boat
Our God is alive and effective!
200 leaders attend a leadership training
Club time in Slovakia
Freed from yokes
Earthquake in Chile postpones ministry
Clubber forsakes occultism
I will never sink in this world
Youth memorizing God's Word
The best sermons come from kids
From chocolate factory to Pastor
Dream of becoming Bible expert
Healed of kidney failure
It is no accident
Reaching out to the community
Our clubs start in February
I will never beat them anymore
Hope, eternal life and salvation
Hard to match his enthusiasm
Attention was on elderly people
Son calls ambulance to save father
I am giving my life to Christ as my daughter did
Child prostitution is the order of the day
Awana popular in Malawi orphanages
God is very serious about Awana
Leader starts Latvian club in Ireland
Baby Awana club is growing
She wants to serve the Lord
This is the time people need to hear a word from the Lord
Each night I pray for it not to rain
One of the most painful minutes of my life
Nothing in my life and training prepared me for a tragedy of this magnitude
I hope that Haiti will never be the same again
Pastor gives testimony of gratitude
Arab boys and girls learn about Jesus
25 kids registered in heaven
I got saved like the others
Children more active in church now
Reaching out despite fragile stability
Awana Ministry in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti
New vision for God's kingdom
God provides a meeting place
An ambassador for Christ
Pastor left for dead
Children are part of my everyday life
Clubber takes 3 buses to get to club
Children share gospel with other children
Healing for Clubber with burned leg
Help arrives!
Muslim children hear the gospel
Clubber recognized for soul winning
Serving God in spite of difficulties
Marriage saved
Following footsteps of giants
Brining people to Christ through Awana
Flu epidemic can't stop a club
Girl burned in fire
100 kids were saved!
God bless you!!!
I thought the gospel was only for adults
Getting saved was the best thing she ever did
I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior today
Small church ready to serve
Kids skip breakfast to attend Awana
She couldn't find friends
This training has nourished me
Faith in Christ despite persecution
The awakening of Russia
Braving a river to conduct basic training
Ogolla becomes godly
Sharing God in a local school
People call him genius
Changing the world one life at a time
Now he is healed
God's way to Heaven
God gave us a burden to reach out to children
Clubber's mother healed
300 kids now attend church
Devastation in the wake of recent typhoons
Called to reach out to children
Toy sale in Malaysia helps clubbers in the Philippines
I came to Awana to learn about God
Awana club meets in a tree
Conference continues despite theft
Great improvement in church attendance
2 teenagers Introduce other children to Christ
Training leaders in the Amazon proves successful
Girl brings her parents to church
Of crosses and crescents
Worth noting in Zambia
Circle in the dust
Left for dead
27 year old pastor dedicated to reaching children
Faith of young boy saves house
Healing and release from an evil spirit
Little Boy's Simple Prayers are Being Answered
Sister of Awana leader becomes Christian and is baptized
Ukraine pastor attends every Awana meeting
3 hour drive to get to Awana club
Clubber not allowed to attend church in Nepal
Former clubber is now an Awana leader
Pastor has a change of heart towards children
Two brothers now belong to Jesus, not the devil
Tanzanian Christian serves in Muslim community
Anthony shares his faith
Leader in Uganda has a change of heart
Following the Leadership of Christ
The Prodigal Son Returns
Seed Planters' Take Root
Pray for Mozambique
Typhoon Destroys Teaching Materials
Family Reunited
Relationships that Last!
Past Experiences, New Beginnings
8 year old girl learns in Awana
Awana Clubber Says Thanks
Seed Planters' Conference
Prayer Warrior at 5
Awana Camp in Ukraine
Father and Son in Nicaragua
Sunday School Grows 100%
Teenager Praises the Lord for Awana Club
Peace in Bethany
76 Kids Trust Christ in Kenya
Heart Felt Message
Finding Real Peace
Pray for Bangladesh
Children Are A Priority
God Is Real
Celebration in Bhutanese Refugee Camp
Awana Leaders Working in Ukraine
Prayer Answered in Venezuela
Prayer for a little girl's mother
Entire Audience Shocked
Maksim and Valya Tamozhnikovy
Alexander and Olga Vasilkovskiye
High Power Soccer at the Carcelen Alliance Church
Victor and Inna Gureyev
Truckload Full of Children
Sergey and Tat'yana Pyasetskiy
God's Glory Revealed in Pubela
Leaders with compassion, a community of doubt
God's Protection
Thank you from Esnart
Children Reaching Children
God's Building a Church
Trusting in Jesus
Future Leaders of Our Great Nation
Greatest Story Ever Told
Sabina Mukwamba
A Promise to Teach God's Word
Philipines Clubbers Say Thanks
Philippines Leaders Say Thanks
A Change of Heart
Praying for Good News
Gifts With An Enternal Impact
Heart Filled With Joy for Young Girl
Local priest forbids kids to attend Awana club
Games Meet Helps Church Restart Awana Club
Awana is effective for evangelism
Russia and Kazakhstan closing some ministry doors
Your faithful support is changing lives in Africa
Titus 2 is favoriate passage for clubber
Motorcycle accident injures missionary
Leadership Conference Inspires Awana Leader
Story of Daniel inspires
20 kids in club in Bhutan
Pastor asks for Awana in his church
Leader in orphanage thankful for Awana
Sparkies recite all books of Old Testament
Rowdy kids shown love in Awana club
Zambia club overcomes ignorance about Bible
Clubbers become leaders in Brazil
Two Young Boys Take on Leadership
Jeevan's Family Comes to Christ
15 Kids Accept Christ in One Church
The Story Behind Ronald
David Ministers to Kids in Uganda Slums
God is impacting lives in Zambia
Esther Leads Awana at Her Church
A Boy With Severe Stomach Pain
One of First Ukraine Clubs Still Making an Impact
Unbelievable Story from Czech Republic
Czech Republic holds Spark-a-Rama and Bible Quiz
Two Moslem Boys at Club in Ukraine
Featured Country
Franklin earns money for mission project
Monica in Brazil is hiding God's word in her heart
Two Moslem brothers in Ukraine
Promote Adopt-a-Club at VBS
Leaders in Ukraine are grateful for support
Pastor Abraham Dahal
Every day is Awana at Bethel Baptist Church in India
Awana clubs sharing Christ with 23,000 children in Nepalese refugee camps
Church in India raises priority of ministry to children
From Hindu to pastor to starting Awana
MIT excitement still lingers in West Bengal
Approximately 800 children have accepted Christ in Ecuador
Awana Making a Difference in Uganda
Child presents gospel to 600 at Awana crusade in Kenya
End-of-year celebration in Zambia
13 children trust Christ at Awana camp in Kenya
New plan to make Awana more affordable in Zambia
He must increase, but I must decrease
Hard work pays off in national Awana Games
Mohan and Lata are doing great work in India
God is Using Awana to Change Lives
Salvation has come to Kabwe because of Awana
Brian's Corner -- December 2008
Kenya Seed Planters train 600 new leaders
Kenya training yields 1,435 decisions for Christ
Testimony from an Awana leader in Liberia
Training for Life
Leader Testimony from Zambia
Awana is Growing in Nepal
Brian's Corner
India girl gives testimony
Zambian Clubber Loves Awana
For there to be a Kingdom, there had to be a Cross