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Awana is Growing in Nepal

Special report from our leaders in the field

How were the preparations for the event?
This was our LBS 2 in Nepal. It was little bit difficult in the initial stage of preparation. Since Dhading is one of the remote districts in Nepal, communication was difficult. Walking and traveling three to five days to promote Seed Planters training was just one of the many hurdles we faced in preparation.

Was the attendance what you expected (why or why not?)
Yes, we expected 100 Churches, but there were 206 leaders from 103 churches.

Was the Ministry Team able to handle the event?
Yes, our ministry team was able to handle the event. We were altogether 9 trainers for this event.

How was the presentation and presenter(s)?
Presentation and presenters were better compare to LBS 1. Trainers tried to demonstrate (through skit) council time and team time before teaching them a about it.

Were the training materials adequate?
Yes, training materials were adequate for them. Especially they like the Truth Seeker materials.

Was the training forum and equipment adequate?
Yes, it was OK except training hall was not big enough for Friday presentation. So, we went to a play ground for Friday presentation with kids. We realized that we need to buy a rechargeable speaker box to carry around for this training.

What were your goals for this event?
Our goal was to train 200 leaders of Dhading district to reach about 5000 tribal kids. 98% of populations in this district are belonging to Tamang tribe.

Is there anything you would you do differently in each category above to make the experience better for the participants?
We have added a sheet of hands out. It is outline of Whole Awana program, starting from opening ceremony, game time, council time, team time, and closing ceremony.
We have created a theme song for Seed Planters Training, and they liked it so much. We have also added some activities under commissioning. We have created a sheet of commitment for the Awana leaders. Each leader has to make the commitment verbally and sing on the paper also. And all the pastors and trainers pray for them. Here are some of the commitments they make:
1. I will train 5 more Awana leaders when I go back to my home and I will share the gospel to children and parents in my community.
2. I will share the gospel with urgency and clarity so that the boys and girls come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. I will be an example before the children to lead them to Christ. I will fulfill Great Commission by sharing the gospel to the kids God has given in my Church and community.

What was your overall impression of the event?
Our prayer for successful trainings in Dhading district were answered. We praise God for good training. Thank you so much for praying. Including the ministry team, there was a total of 217 in attendance.
It was one of our biggest Seed Planters training we ever had. We were able to train 206 leaders at a time to reach another 4,500 kids with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for all those who funded this project and for you folks who have made it possible for us to be a part of it through your support.
5 leaders out of 206 leaders were not able to read and write. But our ministry team members helped them to answer the Leader's quiz. Some of the leaders were walking three to five days to attend this training. They really enjoyed the action songs and cultural program held on one of the evenings of the week.

These leaders were walking 5 days to attend this training

How could Awana International have partnered differently, to make the experience better?
We are thinking of making video clips of council time and team time to show them before teaching those topics. This video clip will give them a clear picture of how council and team time look like. We are also planning to teach some action songs in every Seed Planters training. We are also planning to train at least 20 new ministry team members by first week of February 2009. If you have any training materials to train and encourage our new ministry team members, please provide us. And of course, please continue to pray for upcoming Seed Planters training.

Other comments?

The trainees were prepared to put on one live Awana club for some of the local children.



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