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Awana Implements New Strategy to Reach the Children of the World

Awanaź International is reaching more than 250,000 children and youth internationally in over 100 countries around the globe with the gospel message of salvation. This ministry carries a tremendous responsibility to help reach the remaining two billion children of the world for Jesus Christ.  In Canada and the United States more than 1 million children and youth participate in Awana every week. Yet, Christian leaders in overseas countries, unlike their counterparts in North America, often have no experience in children’s ministry; but they share a mutual desire to see children and youth receive God’s gift of eternal life.

In 2007 Awanaź International began a new ministry model to train and equip Christian leaders through Leader-Based Strategy. The pilot program was launched in Zambia, Africa. After only
three months the number of children participating in Awana nearly doubled, and more than 200 children professed faith in Christ. Leader-Based Strategy is active today in 10 countries, with more to follow.

Leader-Based Strategy consists of four training sessions conducted over a period of 12 to 16 months. Training materials cover a 3-year cycle, creating a multiplication of ministry. Multiple churches attend each training session, keeping costs even lower. After the first two sessions a church is equipped to start an Awana club. The average attendance for a new club is 50 children. The cost to provide the Leader-Based Strategy to one sponsorship unit/church is $360.

Awana today is looking for partners who understand the need for Leader-Based Strategy so we can help children and youth around the globe come to know, love, and serve our Savior. For further information, see the enclosed reply card on how you can become a Leader-Based Strategy partner by sharing a gift today, or go online at



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