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Testimony from an Awana leader in Liberia

Six clubbers pray to receive Christ

For about a year now, our Awana clubs had been held in our church’s school annex building in Fiamah, Monrovia. In early September, however, construction work began on the campus, unbeknownst to us leaders. We had just gotten to the school campus when we saw huge deposits of sand, cement bags and blocks all over the compound.

In dismay, we asked our clubbers to go home and inform their absentee friends that we will not have Awana on the annex campus again. We were not sure where we would have our future meetings since the main campus is so small and there is hardly any space for our outdoor games.

God, nevertheless, was working in the background to touch the hearts of our clubbers to adjust to the new conditions. In the course of the week, when we had decided on the main campus, we informed a few of our clubbers who live in the same community to tell their friends of our new venue.

Saturday, September 15 came and we were on our new campus waiting. Three o’clock came and passed and no clubbers were present. By 4 p.m. I suggested that if no clubbers came by 4:30 we would have to follow up on our message. And that we ended up doing.

The next Saturday, September 22, we were prepared for the worst. We had decided that we would have Awana even if only five of our clubbers attended. Our starting time, 3 p.m., came with four clubbers. They assured us that their friends were on their way, so one of our leaders took them upstairs while I stood in front of the campus waiting to help any clubber cross the busy street that passes in front of the campus.

By 3:30, over 20 clubbers were present, so I went upstairs to the meeting room. When Handbook Time was over, we had Council Time, where I gave the exhortation. There was no immediate response to the invitation, so we continued off to Game Time.

While on my way downstairs, one clubber, Massandra, came to me to ask if I could show her how to get to heaven. I agreed, and we went upstairs to one of the classrooms. There she made her decision to believe in Jesus as the only way to get to heaven. Since the door was wide open, some other passing clubbers looked in curiosity as they passed by, but none made any attempt to ask what was happening.

After showing Massandra some verses to assure her of her salvation, we prayed and both went downstairs to join in the games. It was then that some of the clubbers asked Massandra what happened. Based on her reply, six other clubbers came to me to ask what they, too, had to do to go to heaven. I thanked God for the opportunity and shared with them some salvation verses. All of them believed on Jesus that day.

By that time, we had close to 40 clubbers in attendance.

I thank God for this and more of what He continues to do for us at Calvary Baptist Church Awana clubs.



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