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Salvation has come to Kabwe because of Awana

Kids' lives are not the only ones being transformed

Deacon Kingsly
Deacon Kingsly of the CMML Brethren Church in Kabwe, Zambia, likens Awana to the Olympic torch that has gone all the way around the world before arriving in Africa

He credits Awana with bringing him to personal salvation through the leadership training offered in Lusaka by Africa Area Director Stephen Maphosah. “When I attended last year, I didn’t know the Lord Himself although I was a deacon,” Kingsly confided. “But when that light came after being taught the Gospel Wheel … I shed tears.”  

Kingsly was so impacted by the gospel wheel, he is using it to lead others to salvation. “Even now I still stress that somebody can be liberated if they study the wheel and see how Jesus Christ died for a person especially for me,” he said. 

The training touched Kingsly in more ways than one. After hearing Maphosah preach about the neglect of children, it opened his eyes. “I saw the need of the children. I lit that torch from the same torch which was in Lusaka,” he said.   

Kingsly realized that he hadn’t even seen his own kids as precious to God. “I started teaching my kids first,” he shared. “The transformation which has taken place in my kids’ lives has also transformed my home.” 

When the Awana program was presented to his church, some were skeptical at first. But after much prayer, Awana was approved. People are now coming to know the Lord.

“The kids are spreading the Word of God to their parents,” Kingsly said. “We have received so many converts which have joined our church through the same program.”   

At the moment, they have close to 170 kids, but only 50 attend every week. Some are not able to come due to poverty. “When a kid wakes up in the morning and he or she hasn’t got anything to eat, he or she can’t come to club,” Kingsly explained. “Our church tried to bless us with some money so that we could go around to these clubbers to give them something to eat and something to put on.”  

Even with the obstacles, Awana is making a difference. “This Awana which we have is definitely burning in our homes not only in our church but in our homes and in our individual lives,” Kingsly said. “Salvation has come to Kabwe because of Awana.” 


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