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Deacon Webby Jim Katebe makes his home in Makalulu, Zambia, Africa, a town known for having the country’s second-largest shanty compound where nearly 20,000 individuals can find neither work nor food. Of course, there are thousands of children in the compound, but like other church leaders in his community, Deacon Webby ignored the children. Christianity was for adults. At least, that is what he thought until he attended an Awana training program called “Seed Planters.”

At the training sessions, Deacon Webby learned that boys and girls are
precious to God. He realized that even Jesus encouraged the children to come to Him during His lifetime. Deacon Webby was taught that boys and girls are most receptive to the gospel message between the ages of 4 to 14. He returned to his home church with a heart filled with compassion for the children in his community.

At the Good Shepherd Church, Deacon Webby and his co-leader began training other church workers so their church could start Awana. In a short time, they were ready. The Awana club started, and soon some of the poorest of the city’s poor were coming to club! Although some came looking for a sweet (candy) which may be their only food for the day, while they attended they were introduced to the eternal hope in Jesus Christ.

As Deacon Webby interacted with the boys and girls each week, God began to transform his life. “One Awana night,” as Deacon Webby explained, “two children from the Awana club clung to my trousers and cried out, ‘Take care of me. Take care of me.’” Deacon Webby’s heart was touched. That day he took the two children home with him to his wife and family. After consulting with the
children’s parents who stated there was nothing they could give their children, Deacon Webby and his wife opened their hearts and made the two girls part of their family. A few weeks later, they added another little girl.

The girls are now enjoying good care as part of Deacon Webby’s family, attending church,  receiving an education and thriving. This is Jesus Christ using Awana to introduce Bible truths to church leaders around the world which then transforms lives and makes an eternal difference for His Kingdom.

Today, Awana is looking for ministry partners to help train leaders like Deacon Webby as we seek to spread the gospel message to the far-reaching areas of the world, like Zambia, where so many people have never had the opportunity to hear God’s Word. If you would like to help train and equip leaders to start Awana clubs, you can share your gift of support for our Leader-Based Strategy today.


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