Clubs Just Like Yours

A Small Child with Big Faith

Georgina knows truth of Jesus' sacrifice



Georgina* was born into bleak circumstances. Her parents were very poor and her father deserted the family, leaving them destitute and hopeless. But Georgina discovered hope one day when she accepted an invitation to a local Awana club.

There, she heard the story of Jesus and His love for her. She eagerly trusted Christ as her personal Savior and began growing in her relationship with Him. Awana became an oasis for her, away  from her gloomy home life.

Soon after her relationship with Christ began, her faith was tested, when her family ordered her to sacrifice an animal to cover her mother’s debt to a god. When Georgina refused, her family was angry and told her that her refusal would bring anger from the god.

“But Jesus did not tell me to sacrifice,” she said. “He sacrificed Himself for all other sacrifices. It is a lesson that I have learned at Awana.”

* The name has been changed to protect the child


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