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Awana Making a Difference in Uganda

Submitted by Awana missionary, David Echau

Pastor Johnson Bakashaba is in love with his native Uganda. He is also in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. Bakashaba merged his two passions in the formation of Revival Tabernacle Ministries. His vision is to “build a vibrant community church in Kabale; multiplying through rural church plants and providing care to needy children and widows.” And Awana is playing a part in fulfilling Pastor Bakashaba’s dream.

The church had received some start-up funding from a church in Texas to begin Awana. Church members “topped off” the giving last July. Awana missionary David Echau was called in to train leaders. The first club meeting opened at a nearby soccer field and engaged the community from the start. “Many friends in the community stopped to watch the games and visit their neighbors,” said Bakashaba. “The whole community was curious as precious little children hurried to meet their leaders in new bright-colored Awana t-shirts.”

The club continues to grow and many parents have noted a difference in their children. "They can't wait to go to church or Awana and they are serious about learning their memory verses," shared one parent.


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