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New plan to make Awana more affordable in Zambia

Report by Awana missionary, Joseph Mbange

The following is a report from Awana missionaries Willie and Astridah Bunda Mwape in Zambia:

"The news that Zambia will be a pilot scheme for the leader-driven model next year has cheered our ministry teams and leaders. This is a plan in which churches that dropped Awana and others who were about to drop the program because parents could not afford to buy handbooks and the uniforms for the children can now run the clubs. This scheme will equip leaders with materials and train them to reach children with the gospel without necessarily each child having a book and uniform. Poor children in rural and poor urban areas will benefit very much from this scheme.

"The goal of Awana is to reach children and youth with the gospel of Christ in all corners of the world. This scheme will make it a reality."


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