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Child presents gospel to 600 at Awana crusade in Kenya

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The Awana ministry in Kenya took to the streets recently to let people know about Awana and to present the gospel message. Nearly 600 adults and children in Mombassa attended an “Awana Crusade,” which included songs, memory verse recitation, skits and testimonies from the kids in area clubs. The event concluded with a boy preaching a gospel message, after which seven people trusted Christ as Savior.

Kenneth Kalama, Awana missionary in Kenya, gave God all the credit for the successful turn of events. “This was a thrilling thing to see how God is using His Word not only to save the children but also to equip them to the point that they can preach the gospel courageously without being ashamed or fearing the crowd as that boy on that day. Oh! Glory be to God the Almighty,” said Kenneth.

Kenneth also reports that clubs will begin in several centers operated by Compassion International. To date, more than 600 children have registered to attend the weekend clubs.


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