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End-of-year celebration in Zambia

Report by Awana missionary, Joseph Mbange

Here is a report from Willie and Astridah Bunda Mwape, Awana missionaries in Zambia:

"At the end of each year, Awana clubs in Zambia traditionally have a party before they close for Christmas and the new year. This year Bethel Chapel in Chingola, the first Awana club in Zambia (founded in 1984), decided to close with a BBQ to which 12 mothers and fathers and 60 clubbers where invited. Before they had the meal, the clubbers played games and sang choruses. Once the sausages had been grilled, they all joined together for the meal. They really had a good time of fellowship.

"After everyone had eaten, one of the leaders gave a short Bible message. The afternoon ended with each clubber receiving a small gift of a notebook, pencils and some sweets. The leaders said that it was worthwhile to meet the parents, many of whom had not seen the clubs in operation. The comments by the parents further encouraged the leaders as they thanked them for being dedicated in teaching their children the Word of God. We thank God for the leaders and those who contributed to this success."


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