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Unbelievable Story from Czech Republic

Local Club Opened in Catholic Church

Our Awana church at Praha Stodulky rents Catholic Center (new modern church building) for their Awana club. Their Awana club night could see a Roman-Catholic priest. He has liked Awana. He invited us to present Awana program to him personally. Catholic Church in Czech is a little different than in other bordered countries. It is friendlier, more ecumenical thanks wide number of movements.

One of the movements is Charismatic renewal. That priest is from such movement but he is approved priest. I learnt he is my schoolmate from my lovely high school of TV technology ten years younger of me.

* AHOJ is Czech greeting. It means not only „Hi“ but Latin sentence: Ad HOnore Jesus „may Jesus is glorified“ as a cryptogram of sailors.

Dasa is very skilled by handbook time to build strong relationships with clubbers. They are able to grow much efficiently at their older age. He was excited of Awana program. We discussed all potential obstacles of Awana Faith Statement and he cannot notice any problem to have Awana at his church. He has only apply approve from Prague Cardinal Msg. Vlk. So, we cannot imagine that Awana ministry will be seriously approving by Czech Roman-Catholic headquarter. We are now praying for it.


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