Clubs Just Like Yours

Two Moslem Boys at Club in Ukraine

Now Telling Their Parents About Jesus

Because of this help this month I could visit clubs of South region of Ukraine. And I would like to share with you one story that I was told during my visiting clubs.

That club is situated in Odessa city. There are two boys who recently started to attend Awana club. They liked Awana games and always came to play it. But when leaders announces Handbook time or Council time those boys tried to leave or don’t do anything.

Leaders were anxious about it but when they became to ask them about it boys told that their families are Moslems. They have never heard about Jesus because their parents haven’t told them anything about Him. Moreover, they prohibited their children to ask or tell about it.

But in spite of all this difficulties boys continued to come to Awana club and became to listen to leader’s stories about Jesus. They have learned from clubbers and leaders how Jesus behaved Himself and what Christians should do. They started to learn the Scripture.

At home they told everything they’ve heard at Awana and their parents became to consider their children’s opinion and compared Christians with Moslems. Now they are in the choice.

Please, pray for these two Moslem families. May God help them to do the right choice and accept Jesus into their hearts.


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