Clubs Just Like Yours

One of First Ukraine Clubs Still Making an Impact

Current Leader was an Original Clubber as a Young Girl

Greetings to you, dear friends!

One more month has gone. It brought some news and activities. And we thank God that you have part in these activities.

This month I did the presentation for Kiev church. They just were becoming acquainted with Awana Ministry. But unexpectedly for me one leader (her name is Sveta) stood up and said that she is familiar with Awana. She attended Awana club # 034 in Ravceve village when she lived there.

This club was almost the first club in Ukraine. She told us that firstly she just liked playing games but later she started to like learning the Scripture. Moreover, there she had been hearing about repenting and once she accepted Jesus into her heart.

Now she is adult and has her own family. They moved to Kiev and started to attend the church. So, Awana has its fruits in 10 years. And I believe that there are a lot of such examples that we even don’t know but God knows. Praise Him!


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