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Awana Missionaries in Ecuador Need Your Immediate Support

Have you ever had a week that you wonder what God is doing with you? Well, this has been one of those.  Things have gotten very serious here in Ecuador, and I am writing you to really spend some time in prayer and hold our needs before His Throne, He who keeps all things in complete control.

Let me give you a little history and share with you my week.  We are in the second week of training Awana missionaries from around the area in how to raise support for their ministry. The first week went pretty well. We meet most days from 9:00 to about 7:30 pm for training, practice, and group meetings.


Randy & Joy Newburn - Ecuador Missionaries
Randy & Joy Newburn are Awana
missionaries in Ecuador

You can support the Newburns and
other Awana missionaries in
Latin America with an online donation.

Monday night, as our crew headed home after being in the office, they took two taxis home. These were taxis from a reputable company that we deal with all the time. By the time they arrived at the hostel where they are staying, one taxi seems to have called to friends who caught the second taxi unloading.  Men jumped out with guns, ordered them to give up all their bags, computers, passports etc that they were carrying.  They knew exactly what they were carrying.  One missionary was standing with his back to the wall holding his computer in front of him when they said to raise their hands. He quickly thought and raised them quickly throwing his computer over the wall behind him. He was almost shot. The computer landed in a bush and was totally safe. The men were really shook up by this event. Some come from countries much more violent that Ecuador and had never experienced things like this. They are scared to be in the street now.  The next day they went for new documents missing classes.  Wednesday we received two phone calls that someone had found the passport and called the embassy. The other found the agenda and called our office.  The documents were recovered, but not the computer and all the information on it.

Sunday one of our missionaries went home sick and was not able to return to classes. He is missing the valuable training he is required to take in order to raise his support.

Tuesday night, the brother of the missionary who threw his computer over the wall in the robbery was robbed then stabbed on the other end of Quito, and died.  This missionary is missing classes for funeral arrangements and services.  Needless to say this family has had more than their share of bad things.

Our group is feeling the attack.  One of the members' wives is ill and he is concerned about her.

I am calling on you for intense and serious pounding on the gates of heaven for the following items...

  1. for God's protection over all our missionaries from the attacks of the devil and for prevention of physical attacks
  2. For EXCELLENT health for all who are involved.-- teachers, coaches, students
  3. Pray for Joy and I as we face all of these heavy challenges, that we be able to love and minister to all the hurting.
  4. Pray for all the teachers and coaches that God protect them from any harm, spiritual, physical, or emotional
  5. In August we start the same classes in Guatemala.  Pray that God protect all the participants from anything that can interrupt those classes.

Thank you for your support. Your prayers put you right beside us in this heavy spiritual warfare. Yes, that is what we are facing, and you are helping us do what we need to do here. 

(July 13, 2009) We appreciate your prayers so much. It is keeping our spirits up here. The attacks continue.  In fact, if I was not writing this, I would not believe it. It is so unreal (does that mean supernatural?)

Early this am, around 3:15 am, our phone rang. When I could figure out that it was not my alarm clock, I found one of the men on the phone. The hotel that they were staying in had been broken into.  3-4 doors had been broken in and thieves had stolen another computer and clothing, but had not gotten to their rooms yet.  Needless to say no one slept the rest of the night since the doors could not be shut.  We did not sleep much either.

Today in our meetings Rodrigo (the one whose brother had been killed last week) said that his oldest son had just been held up in the street here in Quito. Rodrigo's family has really taken a beating in this.  Pray for their encouragement.

At the same time, as God's Word was opened, and we prayed together, peace came over our group. They realized that God is trying to say something to each of us. We need to listen and learn (quickly).  One of the things that God showed me was that our small group of about 10 people are God's Awana representatives to over 54,000,000 children.  If somehow we could reach even 10% of them, through all of this, wouldn't that be great?

They moved out of their hotel this am, and into another one this afternoon.  Pray that we all rest well, and can continue in the task that is before us.  Pray for SUPER blessings to come to Awana, and to these people.

Thank you again for your prayers.
Randy Newburn, Latin America Area Director


You can support the Newburns and other Awana
missionaries in Latin America with an online donation.



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