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God is impacting lives in Zambia

Local leaders are grateful for Awana curriculum

"God has given me food and also life, God has been so kind such that he has given me a family that loves me so much. Though I go astray God does not leave me, but he always brings me back to the right ways and always protecting me in so many ways.
I also thank Him for the wonderful Awana club, through the Awana program I have come to know the Lord and the leaders continue to teach me and the Awana handbooks and Bible lessons that our leaders teach us gives me more knowledge about God, His ways and for many promises that He has promised."

Miliward Awana Clubber.

“As an Awana leader, I am very grateful for the materials and support we are getting from Awana. This has really helped me to grow and now I have a clear understanding of the word of God, especially on salvation of the human race. In my local church, Awana leaders are equipped and trained through the same materials and are demonstrating good leadership qualities even in other ministries.
Parents keep coming to us appreciating the good work that the Awana program has brought to their Children. Most of them (children) are showing change and get excited & come to church every Sunday.”

Edmond Malata - Awana Leader.


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