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David Ministers to Kids in Uganda Slums

Awana Leadership Conference Inspires Him for Local Work

David from Uganda (letter of thanks for leadership training) - "Through this (Seed Planters) training my eyes have been opened wider and I am more than willing to run with the vision so that others can also run like the Bible tells us in Habbakuk 1:1.  The community I come from is a slum area and poor area.  There are a lot of children being born but there isn't care from the parents.  This creates a lot of idle children in our community.  With the help of the church and pastor we will set up an Awana program at our church and we will be able to attract more than one thousand children to the church.  Please pray for that as I go back to my community and church that we will be able to get the leadership needed to continue with the work God has prepared us for in our community."


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