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Story of Daniel inspires

Missionary comes back with plan to reach 1000 kids

I want to thank God for the opportunity he accorded me to be trained at the Awana Leadership Conference.

During this period I was studying the book of Daniel in my personal devotions.  I clearly saw how the Bablyonians handpicked young Hebrews with a view of changing or brainwashing them from the God they believed in.  They even changed their names which were godly and gave them Bablyonian names with their gods.

On top of this they spent a lot of money to feed them with the palace food and also train them.  Then I realized just how organized they were to influence the little ones so that they could be administrators.  With the over 1000 children staying in the surrounding area where I stay I realized how urgent this issue was before me.

The Leadership Training put me in a clear perspective on how to organize the training of these children who are so precious in the sight of God.



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