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Pastor asks for Awana in his church

Started with impact on his own children

Juio and Kristina Souza
Awana Missionaries in Brazil

I received a phone call from Pr Raimundo of the Brethern Church in Ananindeua PA, expressing his desire to begin Oanse in his church.  He shared his family’s testimony as Oanse being the best thing that had happened in his family.

His children participated in Oanse while small at Filadelfia Baptist Church and learned the Word of God as well as basic principles for their Christian growth.  Later as teens, they went through several problems and situations which got out of control.  But even then, Pr Raimundo saw the hand of the Lord working in the lives of his children, bringing them back to His paths.

The truths that they had learned at Oanse returned to their memory and these same truths kept their family together.  While this pastor was at seminary studying the books of the Bible for testing, his children would help and play with him as they sang the names of the Bible books with no difficulty at all.

Today, Pr Raimundo thanks the Lord for the influence of the Oanse in the lives of his children and now as pastor of the Brethren Church desires to see the lives of many other children impacted and transformed with the Word of God.


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