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Clubbers become leaders in Brazil

Two examples of God working in Awana ministry

Juca and Rosemary Cerpe
Awana Missionaries in Brazil with
their 2 children

"I thank God for the life and ministry of Everaldo and Neuza, who were trained seven years ago and are faithful leading Awana at First Baptist Church of Suzano, SP.

We visited and retrained the leaders there and it is exciting to se ex-clubbers being willing to be leaders and working toward more age groups in the church since they only do Flame and Torch. Now they are trying to start Cubbies and Sparks.

I would also like  mention Glaunara Mendonca de Oliveira, who is the program director at the Cachoerinha B C in Manaus. She passed all the Flame handbooks and later had to stop attending Awana, because her mom took her to study English. Now some years have gone by and as a college age person having some extra freedoms she chose to become a leader in 2005 when invited. She developed as a Sparks leader, later games director and now in 2007 she became the program director.

Two examples of how God again and again works and directs the ministry as he wants, at his timing. We glorify him for these life testimonies.  It was very good to see the dedication and participation of the leaders in the city of Manaus at our Second International Leaders Conference with 28 churches in attendance and 200 leaders.

Also, it was neat to see the Awana Club at the Lago Tucunare where the members, children, dads, moms, and grandparents go to club by boat. They have Sparks that are 8, 18, and 80 years old! Hallelujah, the Word of God will not be empty!!!"


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