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Rowdy kids shown love in Awana club

Local church takes a personal interest in new clubbers and their families

Jardim Iracema Baptist Church is located in a suburb of Fortaleza, and has been able to minister to the children of the community providing, both spiritual and physical nourishment to many abandoned, unloved children who are left alone while parents or relatives and spend their time on streets learning all kinds of unpleasant things.

75% of the clubbers come from unchurched needy families, making it difficult for the church to cover all the financial expenses of manuals and achievements for them.  At times, the leadership became overwhelmed with the discipline problems and even locked the front gate of church so rowdy children would not come in, but they would jump over the gate in time for games and food.

One leader, felt a burden for these children and thought of a plan to involve the entire church family in this ministry and solve the problem.  The church members could adopt children individually or as a family providing the finances for their materials as well as being responsible to establish contact with family, visit on regular basis, and get to know more specific needs and prayer requests for that specific child.

Soon after this project began, the leaders noticed a significant change in the clubbers, and have seen many come to Christ as a result of this personal interest.  Also many families have opened their homes to receive spiritual teaching and attend church services.


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