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Motorcycle accident injures missionary

Dilip in Bangladesh is recovering from surgery

We have an urgent prayer request for you all.  Dilip and his wife Baby serve as the Awana Missionaries for Banskhali and Chittagong, Bangaladesh.

On July 19 Dilip had a major motorcycle accident and suffered serious injuries.  At the time of the accident the doctors told him that he would need several surgeries, and may never fully recover from some of the broken bones and damage to his knee.

Dilip is currently still in the hospital.  Prodip, the National Director in Bangaldesh is keeping us posted.  Tuesday doctors operated on his knee and it went well.  According to Prodip, 'there was five pieces in his knees but doctors tried his best to keep and joint those.'  It sounds like his knee was either injured in 5 places or shattered in 5 pieces, and the doctors have tried their best to put everything back together and keep it together.  The operation went well, and there is now hope that he will be able to walk again with no problems.

Dilip and Baby are being added to the list of missionaries with Awana Bangladesh. Dilip was in Awana as a child and received the Timothy award. He served as an Awana Commander and a coordinator before joining the ministry full time in March 2006. He is serving churches in Banskhali, Chittagong. Please pray for Dilip and Baby as they serve in this ministry.  To receive the Timothy Award  you must memorize over 250 verses.

Please join us in praying for Dilip’s needs both physically and emotionally, his family, and the doctors and nurses who are serving him.


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