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20 kids in club in Bhutan

Refugees have started small church in their camp

I would like to give lots of thanks to this Awana Club because you have help our church in many ways.

We are from Bhutanese refugee camp from Gordhap and we have our small church in these camp.  By getting training there we are eager to spread the gospel to the children.  Because you have said that love the children and bring them in the name of Jesus.

There are 20 children to whom we bring in Awana club.  If they come than slowly they will bring their friends in the church.  The things is that we must say your good news to them.

In my family my mother is sick and she has her head paining sickness so please pray for my mother and for my church that God will send Holy Spirit in our church so we can make more children who will follow you (Jesus) till their last breath.


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