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Leader in orphanage thankful for Awana

Wishes he had these materials ten years ago

Sibion Narjinary has been a Sunday school teacher for the last five or more years in an orphanage.

These “Seed Planters” materials will really help me to teach God’s word systematically to the orphans. The lesson in the card and the guidebooks to prepare the lesson is so handy and I will have no problem to teach them in a better method as taught during the five days of training event.

We should had such training and materials five or ten years ago. Nevertheless, “better late than never”. I shall do all my best to make use of the training and materials and I personally believe that these lesions will give them a solid foundation for a bright future of our Church.

I personally want to say thank you to Awana for making this program available to us by coming to our remote village and teaching and giving us so much. I pray that I will be faithful to carry on the task God has given to me.


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