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Heart Filled With Joy for Young Girl

18 years old, she is now an Awana leader

My name is Valentina. I’m 18 years old and I live in city Ust-Kamenogorsk.

When I was in the 5th grade at school (I was 11 years old) our teacher in literature (Lidiya Ivanovna) invited one woman to come to her lesson(Greitsenko O.P.). At this lesson Olga Ivanovna told us about the birth of Jesus Christ, and this was the first time when I heard about Christ and I found out that He loves me.

This lesson was just unforgettable, besides the wonderful story we were given paper, coloring books and colored pencils. After the lesson we went to the canteen, were they gave us sweets and invited us to Awana Club.

When I came to Awana Club for the first time I liked game time and handbook time most of all, but I wasn’t so excited about council time. So I started to go there on regular basis. There were a lot of interesting things in the Club: competitions, events, outings.

In some time God touched my heart and I came to the Lord (05.12.04 I was 15 years old), I was baptized (06.08.06-17 years old). God gave me the biggest ministry work with children in the Club. So now I have my own team, my children, they are my family the part of my heart. Work in the Awana Club - is a rest for me.

I’m thankful to the Lord that He brought me into Awana Club where I came to know Him. Since that time He started to work in my life, He had changed my character, my thoughts and my entire life. Thanks to handbook time, where we had to memorize Bible verses, I got used to the Bible and it was much easier for me to learn it and to find the appropriate references at the right time when

I was witnessing others about Jesus. And some children from our club came to know Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior for the first time! 

O, Lord, it overwhelms my heart with joy, when I see Your work and Your hand. Once I got to know about Christ, and about God’s love to me and now I want to carry this fire lightning children’s hearts with God’s love, because each person has a right to know about God!!!  You got to know God to tell others about Him!!!



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