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Russia and Kazakhstan closing some ministry doors

Awana ministry continues with a few new churches

Pavils and Valentina Grigas
Regional Ministry Director,
Eastern Europe

Not very good things are happening in some countries of the previous Soviet Union.  A new law on religion that effectively closed the doors to the Gospel was passed in Kazakhstan a few weeks ago.

I had an opportunity to be in Russia (Moscow) in the middle of November and had some meeting with Awana workers there. We were analyzing the nowadays situation and were trying to find better ways for work. Situation in Russia is a little bit better than in Kazakhstan, but it is next in line.

The Ministry of Justice of Russia has already posted a list of 56 religious organizations including the BGEA, Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, etc., set to be closed down by the government.

This time is very hard for people in these countries and they need your prayers and God’s help. But we continue to do our ministry there and to our joy a few new Churches had started Awana program in Russian and there are Churches that want to start Awana.


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