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Games Meet Helps Church Restart Awana Club

School gym in Kiev is great location for kids

Last month we had the first Awana Games in Kiev city. At that Awana event were present about 100 clubbers from 6 clubs.

That meet was held at the Kiev school gym. The men who organized these games are from a club that dropped Awana. But afterwards the Games Director of that school said that he wants to have the same club in his school. He also said a few greeting words before the Games.

So, the person (deacon of the church) whose Awana club dropped Awana was impressed by the words that Director of the school said and it encouraged him to restart their Awana club.  The Games brought a lot of happy moments to clubbers and their leaders. Praise the Lord for that great time together.

Praise!  Also this month we had a wonderful Sunday service that has one church that has four Awana clubs. Leaders of this church do Awana meets at 4 different schools of their city. So, they decided to invite all their clubbers at the church one Sunday morning where they sang songs, read poems and told their testimonies. Leaders told their stories about what happened with them at Awana clubs and how God called them to be Awana leaders. It was the witness of God’s love and mercy for all members of that church.


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