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Local priest forbids kids to attend Awana club

Still, 10 children show up anyway

Recently I had short term missions team in my region. In Sunday, the day before team’s coming, I visited the village where we planned to do children’s daily camp. I played soccer and other sport games with the local children.

On Monday when I came back with the team I was told that parents forbid their children to visit our meets. I was surprised and upset. But as I was told later, the local priest said that he won’t come and do traditional ceremonies for those families whose children will attend our meets. We prayed about this problem and the church prayed with us and encouraged us.

And praise the Lord children start to come and our meets were very fruitful. Now 10 new children start to attend Awana club and 2 came to Sunday School. We believe that all children who have heard the Good News will find the way to the church and God. We pray for them and their parents.


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