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Awana is effective for evangelism

40 children visit club for English lessons

The big gratitude to you for all that invaluable support of our service. 

This month I had a meeting in church in settlement Kozelshchina. Two years on end in this settlement in the Poltava area were passed by a team of youth from America and together with church youth helped with children's camp, teaching English language and did sports in the evening.

In this camp Avanovsky children, and also all faithless children who had desire to visit camp have been invited. In the first year there were problems from orthodox church and many parents have forbidden children to visit camp.  In the second year, the situation has a little changed on a positive side.

The camp essence consisted that children learnt English language under the English-speaking Bible which in the end of camp it have presented. Thanks to this work, in the course of academic year about 40 children visited club Avany. The church is sincerely grateful to God, brothers and sisters who spent this work in their settlement.

This year because of the economic situation we could not hold the camp and the active church has decided to spend camp for children by own strength because many children have arrived to this settlement for the summer to grandmothers from different cities. 

AWANA program for church is an excellent method of evangelization. We are grateful to the God for possibility through program AWANA to give the Good message to boys and girls. Let the Lord will bless your country, a city! And especially we pray for your family!


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