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Parents convinced of change

Here, in Zambia, I never knew of Awana program until some of the Awana missionaries introduced the idea to the elders at my church here in Kabwe in Zambia.  As a result the elders sent four of us to Lusaka for one week of Awana Leadership Training Conference that was held last year in August 2007.


After completion, we came back and introduced the program at the church.  At the beginning the response was not so encouraging especially from the surrounding community.  The reason being, 1.) ignorance about the Bible by some parents, 2.) confusion about biblical truth, as some parents had mixed up ideas, 3.) syncretism as some parents had different religious backgrounds.


As a result they were so reserved with the welfare of their children and could not allow them come for the next programs.  But with time, after visiting them and explaining the gospel to them with the help of the Holy Spirit, the situation changed for the better.  Children are coming week after week.  Some have come to accept the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.


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