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God's Protection

A dream frightens a child

I take great pleasure in informing Awana that by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have succeeded in starting 3 clubs, 2 at Mapusah and 1 at Chimbel.  We have completed 33 cards for around 50 children.  We have felt the need of having the materials in Hindi as there are many Hindi speaking children at our Chimbel club.  Here is the story of one of my clubbers.

Place - Mapusa Club club II, Child's name - Janath - This child is from a Muslim background.  She was coming along with her mother.  The mother has stopped coming but the child is regular.  Once when the child of about 12 years was asked to pray she saw a dream that an eagle was flying with her baby.  The baby falls. God's angels catch hold of the baby and give it back to the mother eagle.  The little girl wanted to know about the interpretation of the dream.  I told her that troubles may come but God's hands of protection are always upon you.


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