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God's Glory Revealed in Pubela

Continued prayer for the lost

I want to glorify God sharing with you what God is doing in this place, 76 souls attend, 13 were baptized on the 16th of May and 9 brothers were baptized on August 1.  We have a kids club (Awana) that many kids attend but some parents prohibit them and actually only children converted to Christ attend.  Support us in prayer so that adults in this town allow their children to attend a Bible club.

During our youth meeting we actually have 2 Jehovah Witnesses who now cannot attend because their leaders got wind of it, their names are Valentin and Francisco and we want them to know Christ.  Help us in praying for them.

Sister Lidia and our brother Epifanio have been sick, our sister with cancer and our brother with a knee problem, they are being healed by prayer and because that is what God wants, we ask that you keep praying for them.

God bless you.  Receive our greetings.  Eduardo, my wife Angelica and my daughters Samantha and Angelica.



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