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Alexander and Olga Vasilkovskiye

Awana Missionary couple in Ukraine

Alexander was born December 5, 2973.  Olga was born March 10, 1973.  They got married in 1994.  They have 2 children, Andrey and Diana.  They have been Awana Missionaries since 2004.  This couple is responsible for the south part of Ukraine and for the Autonomous Republic Crimea (you can see it on the map).  There are a lot of different nationalities such as Ukrainians, Russians, Muslims, Tartars and Bulgarians live in this region.  So, Alexander and Olga should have wisdom for reaching all these children because they are different and have their own traditions and customs.  But this missionary couple love all these people and they always do their work with pleasure.  They minister to 62

Awana clubs - they visit the clubs, meet with their pastors, train and encourage leaders, lead Awana Conferences, Bible Quiz and AwanaGames.  The desire of their hearts is to serve God reaching more and more children and their parents.  Please pray for them.


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