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Sergey and Tat'yana Pyasetskiy

Awana Missionary couple in Ukraine

Sergey was born June 11, 1972.  Tanya was born April 22, 1973.  They got married in 1994.  They have 3 of their own children, Illya, David and Kristina and 3 adopted children, Victoria, Marianna and Natasha.  Two of their adopted children are adults and live their own separate lives now.  They have been Awana Missionaries since 2000.  This couple is responsible for the Central and the west parts of Ukraine.  This territory is rather big and they should travel a lot for visiting all these clubs.  But they love God and children and do this with

pleasure.  They minister to 120 Awana clubs - visiting them, meeting with the pastors, training and encouraging leaders, leading Awana Conferences, Bible Quiz and AwanaGames.  The desire of their hearts is reaching more and more children and their parents.  They always feel themselves as a part of God's plans for Ukrainian people.  Please pray for them.



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