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Victor and Inna Gureyev

Awana Missionary couple in Ukraine

Victor was born in 1966, August 25.  Inna was born in 1968, July 10.  They got married in 1988 and have 4 children.  They are Victoria, Denis, Vitaliy and Nastya.  Victor and Inna have started to be Awana Misisonaries in 1998.  Firstly, they were Awana Missionaries in the south part of Ukraine but in 2004 they have become the Awana National Directors of Ukraine.  Now there are 259 Awana clubs in Ukraine.

The aim and task of this couple is:
- to help Ukrainian Missionaries and Coordinators in their ministry
- to meet with pastors and other ministers of churches
- to inscribe (solidify) clubs
- do all kinds of Awana presentations for people who have never heard about the Awana ministry
- help to do Awana Camps for Directors of program and leaders of clubs, Awana Conferences, Bible Quiz, AwanaGames adn other Awana activities

The desire of their hearts is to serve God and reach millions of Ukrainian children and their parents.  Let's pray for this wonderful country Ukraine.  May God give His wisdom in planning the future ministry there.



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