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Peace in Bethany

Orphans find what they're looking for, at the Orphanage

Anil & Abigail have a common identity – orphan! They both live in Bethany Home, an orphanage run by Sister Sarita in Jaigaon bordering Bhutan. There are altogether twenty-eight boys and girls and they have their Awana program to meet their spiritual needs while Sarita feeds and clothes them. Each child inside the house has their own long tale to tell. But, let me share few things for now only of these two little treasures.

Anil’s father left home with another woman when he was just a month old baby and exactly a month after, mother passed away for the pain, she went through seemed too heavy to bear.

Abigail is the youngest of three sisters and all of them are together in the orphanage today. Parents abandoned them in their village at a very tender age and is believed to be living somewhere in the city.

Both the children were brought to sister Sarita for their shelter. No wonder Jesus loved Bethany that He visited quite often. Both the kids have found so much of solace, security and serenity. Amazing things about Bethany at Jaigaon is that all the twenty-eight little ones are born again Children of God including Anil & Abigail.



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