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Teaching children becomes priority

I am very thankful to you from my inner heart. Thank you for your desire to see our children growing in Christ at our community.

I am unmarried boy and live with other 7 my family members. By the grace of the lord we all family members have accepted the Christ. My brother has completed 2 years long ministry training and doing ministry at Nijgath. I have just completed my exams of grade 10 and waiting the result. Except Saturday service here is no any program for children. Many have heard the gospel but due to deep rooted faith of Hindu believe other children are not allowed to attend our program.

Recently, I have taken Seed Planters' Training and learned many things. I learned to study word of God and knew how children are important to God. Previously I have not given emphasis to children but now I learned methods of teaching to children. I also learned to share gospel effectively. Now I have a vision to share words of God among children and their family in my village. I have strong enthusiasm to return my church and start sharing what I learned which helps us to extent God's kingdom together with you. I will talk with my leaders to begin Awana club and train other leaders too.
There are more than 50 children at my village whom we will invite to attend at Awana Club.

• For the establishment of AWANA CLUB and I want to train at least 5 leaders.
• For vision of sharing the gospel and fulfill it.
• For my family, church who may grow with the fear of the lord.
• For my brother who is working in foreign country.

• For your all kind of supports and provision.

In his ministry,
Sandesi Guro



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