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The Prodigal Son Returns

Erista from India breaks into tears during a skit

Erista Narjinary has spent 5 years at home and another 5 years at a Christian hostel. So, Erista is 10 years old. He is the youngest of five children, two brothers and two sisters from belguri in Assam. Today he is living at Knapps Hostel in Ashram, Jalpaiguri and he is a Awana clubber of North Bengal Outreach Ministries children project. 

After their parents left them and had gone for the greener pastures, all the five children were scattered as people took them for their own use. Erista is blessed for he found double blessing – a shelter and a saving grace from God.

On April 22 during the Awana special events, he was acting as a prodigal son and in the midst of skit, he could not hold his tears as it burst open and openly profess his faith in the Lord leaving everyone in the hall bewildered. Erista thanked his mentor, a clubs leader and his Lord for helping him.


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