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Prayer Warrior at 5

Oleg's prayers reach even the small things

Oleg Stelmashenko is 6 years old boy from our Awana Club.

He started to go to Awana when he was 5. His mother grew up in orphanage near by Cherkassy.

He has a little sister Nastya, who is 3 years old. His life isn’t simple because they live in one room apartment. The kitchen and the bathroom is one on the floor for all the people who live there, but his trust and faith in God is amazing.

He is the one who always want to pray out loud at the end of every Awana meeting. He always thanks God for even some small things in his life and he is always ready to pray for others. His prayers are very simple but we have seen the answers. His parents are not believers, but they allow him to go to Awana. Please pray for Oleg and his family, that God will continue to work in the hearts of his mom and dad.


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