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Pastor Impressed with Awana Kids

“Kovcheg Spasenia” Odessa Church, Svetlana Kutsin

We had Awana club before but after we were refused renting we stopped Awana meets.

But when this year we had the meet before baptizing ceremony pastor asked 5 young people how they came to Jesus. And he was very surprised when all 5 of them told that they came to the church and accept Jesus into their hearts through Awana Ministry.

Then pastor asked them to tell him their favorite Bible verses and they quote from the Bible they’ve learnt at Awana club. The pastor was impressed how good they remember the Scripture they’ve learnt 3-4 years ago.

So, all those young people were baptized. But after that the pastor said that the church have to restart Awana meets!!! And he will do all his best for developing this ministry in their church. Isn’t it amazing?!


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