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Heart Felt Message

Children prayed the 'sinners prayer' and touch hearts

I praise and thank God for the privilege of bing a part of Awana International.  In August 2008, the church started the Awana program with 39 clubbers.

The first meeting I couldn't help not to cry when I heard children prayed the 'sinners prayer'.  The leaders themselves testified of the joy they felt after they dealt with each children.

For over a month now, God continues to be faithful to us in meeting our immediate needs.  Although we have some mishaps in doing the segments especially the game time but the word of God is being taught and learned.

One more thing is that we adopt the Awana program in the ministry of pre-school.  We have 99 enrolled pupils adn they are captive clubbers of Awana.  Parents abroad were fed from the memory verses their children recite to them.  Parents and guardians can't help but memorize the verses, too, as they assist their kids in memorizing.

Our children Sunday school attendance increases for a month now.  We praise and thank God for that.


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