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New Oansa Church follows by example






I want to send a small letter to share a little about what’s going on around here in the mission field.

This past month we have been training the leaders here in Mexico, so we may serve our Lord better, I will continue giving these studies for 1 more month. Argelia has been training more Sunday school teachers, because we truly believe that children are the most important ones in church, so we don’t believe in only entertaining them, we really want them to learn about Jesus, and get saved. The way Jesus did His ministry when he was here on earth is the example we should follow what he did, was that He trained with His example the men who would continue the work after He was gone. That’s why we try to work with the people that have a calling to serve so they don’t just do whatever they think, or want to do, but what our Lord expects from us.


We had baptisms this past month, we went to a river and La Roca Puebla and La Roca Sur had new members that were baptized, Praise God!!!  We had a great time, 11 baptized.

Right know we are working on our new project, Lord willing we want to build the children’s classroom for La Roca in the Mountains. Praise God members of La Roca Puebla have been giving for the material, and Lord willing we will build by the end of September.

Thanks for all your prayers and support, God Bless you all,

The Sears, Nathan, Argelia, Travis and Randy


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