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Anthony shares his faith

Young clubber is committed evangelist

Anthony in Liberia shares his faith

During an AWANA meeting at the Tappeh Baptist Church where we had gone to conduct Basic Training, we were encouraged by what we observed. That is, when the Council Time leader asked first time visitors to AWANA to stand up and be recognized, eleven of these new comers stood up and each called the name of one Anthony Sehyee as the one who invited them.

Tony is a Torch clubber at the above church.  The Pastor, Kerdoe Dwanyen, in a joyous mood explained to me  that since he conducted a 3-day training with these young people nearly six months ago on the topic “How to share your faith,” Anthony has since caught the vision.  According to Pastor Dwanyen, Anthony takes time of his study with his junior brother to go out in the community to evangelize and invite people to church and AWANA.  This was confirmed not only at AWANA on Saturday, but of the nine visitors at church that Sunday morning, when it came to recognizing and welcoming first time visitors, we heard from the  five of them that they were in service at the invitation of Anthony.


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