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Kids skip breakfast to attend Awana

Kids in Zambia deeply affected by Awana

One parent her name is Mrs. Mahilu Ndlovu approached me on September 26 a Saturday in the evening.  She was trying to  find out why children had not found me during Awana meeting on the same day in the morning.  On that day we had a meeting and so I did not attend Awana club.  Being the program director and the only reliable Awana leader at our church, I was rebuked by this parent that each time I am aware that I would be committed somewhere and not attend Awana clubs I have to be putting things in place before leaving.

In her speech she said “if you don’t know what Awana has done in the lives of these children you have to know today, these children have put their trust in the Lord and they are ever rushing to Awana every Saturday even without eating breakfast. So when no leader is there it pains them, they come to complain to us as parents.”  When I got this short speech I realized that Awana has really brought meaning in the lives of children and their parents such that they allow their children to abandon everything just to go and attend Awana clubs.


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