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Two brothers now belong to Jesus, not the devil

Ukunda, Kenya

 Clubbers in Kenya

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you a lot for the opportunity that caused me to be introduced to Awana.  Since then my attitude toward children in the ministry changed and I realized that children are the most potential people group for evangelism.

Since then I have managed to reach number of children for Christ's kingdom.  However, I will talk about two pupils/children, Pascal and Victor.  Pascal is 8 years old while Victor is 5 years old.  They are brothers.  Their father had taught them that they belong to the devil not God.  One time, during game time they were attracted to come to games at Awana club.  Asking them to sing, they told me that they belong to the devil, they drink alcohol and go to pubs, so they can only sing to the god or reggea.  As they kept coming to Awana club they gave their life to Christ and now they can praise God and preach to their parents.


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