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Tanzanian Christian serves in Muslim community

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

I'm single, my family all are Muslims but by the grace of God, since 2000 I went from non-believer to become a believer and the servant of God.  And I believe God that one day my family will accept Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.

The place where I live is surrounded by Muslims.  But I thank God among them are already people who have accepted Jesus and now they are ministering in the church.

I have learned much and now I know how God thinks it is important for loving children and can use them in various ways to make sure they are holding the truth.  For what I have trained and to know the importance of chidlren in the community, I want to assure you that the children will not remain what they are and God will help me.  We have 95 children and adults and I believe through Awana we are going to be increased more than we are.

So let me ask you to pray for our ministry because we are going to start as soon as possible.  Pray that God will change the community of Muslims.


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