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Faith of young boy saves house

Parent believe in Jesus because of son's testimony

Anees Kerketta - Clubber in India 

Anees Kerketta comes from a beautiful Tea Garden at Morgaon and is now a Torch clubber of a Morgaon Baptist Church. He goes to Bethany Home for schooling.

This young boy can be compared with the one in John 6: 1-14. With just his lunch box, Jesus fed above 5000! So also similarly, on the darkest night of March 6, the family woke up hearing the turbulent sound of thunder, rain and gushing wind. Anees immediately began to pray for he had learned about it in the club time and even asked his non believing parents to join him in prayer which to a great surprise, for the first time, obeyed their son and together ended up praying to God for protection!

Next early morning they found out that roofs of so many houses were blown off and many trees uprooted and houses damaged. However, Anees house remained intact with only a little damage even though their house was not that strong.

The villagers thought it must be some magic but Anees knew deep down his heart that it was the Lord who protected them that night from natural calamity and the entire village, as no death was reported due to rain and wind.

Anees is quite dynamite, very godly and very obedient and he has already accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior. His parents are Christian today all because of their son’s testimony.


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