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Little Boy's Simple Prayers are Being Answered

If you have a prayer need go to Olegka

 Clubber in Ukraine

"I want to tell you a story about one boy from our Awana Club. His name is Oleg, but we all call him Olegka. He is 6 years old and his faith and trust in God are amazing.

Not a long time ago at the end of our club meeting when we had a time of prayer we asked all the kids and leaders about their requests. One of our leaders asked to pray for his wife who is an Awana leader too, but she was very sick that day and stayed at home. So he asked to pray that the next time she will come.

At the same moment Olegka said: “No let’s pray that she will be feeling herself better tomorrow” and he actually did it. He prayed for her health and for God’s healing.

I need to mention here that Olegka’s parents are not believers and he has been in Awana only for 2 years. So the next day when we had our weekly leader’s meeting, the leader Olegka had prayed for was there. All of us were amazed and glorified God for His answer.

Now we have a saying - if you have a prayer need go to Olegka. The faith of this boy is unbelievable He is an example for all our kids and leaders."


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