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Former clubber is now an Awana leader

Leader in Ukraine teaching clubbers how to share the gospel

Awana Leader in Ukraine 

"Hello! My name is Inna Prokhorovich. I came to Awana when I was 10 years old. I was amazed with everything I saw there. We played games together, we sang songs together we learned verses from the Bible together and most of all I liked that kids from Christian and non Christian families spent their time together. To say the truth I loved the time at Awana. At that time I made a decision that I would become an Awana leader and will tell other kids about Christ. Fortunately this dream had come true only 3 years ago. I came to other Awana Club and started my ministry as a helper. Half a year later I had become a leader. Now I’m 19 year old and I’m proud to be the Awana leader. Now I can tell other kids about Christ and share the joy I have in my heart. But besides that now I have another dream, I want the kids in my Awana Club, in my team to get the fire, pick up the race of sharing the Gospel and after a while to pass the race to other kids. Then God’s work will continue and His Word will be proclaimed all over the World."


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