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Dedicated leaders shape lives in Ukraine

Club in Ukraine 
 Church building in Ukraine

"My name is Anton Sokurenko, and I want to tell you a few words about our Awana Club in village Komarivka, Cherkassy region, Ukraine.

We have started our work in this village 3 years ago after we have heard from other people that there is a small Church in our region that consists only of old people and that they have no kids at the church at all. Because we have already been involved in Awana with my wife for 3 years, we were sure that Awana program can help them to bring more kids to God. Pastor of this Church has given us his blessing, and we have started an Awana Club there.

I need to mention that we have Awana only during spring-summer period of time because we don’t have place to do Awana during school year. The Church building is very small: one room is used as a sanctuary and one is a small kitchen.

We lead games time outside of the Church on field, and then go inside for a handbook time and counsel time. Praise the Lord; about 15-20 (sometimes 25) kids come every Saturday to learn more about Jesus Christ. But the most amazing thing is that so many kids come even though they have only 25 kids in a public school, from the 1stth grade. God opens the heart of kids and their parents. We became good friends with them and we see the changes in their lives. till the 9

We are also thankful to the Lord for our leaders’ team (6 young people) that is faithful and eager to fulfill God’s commandment.  It takes us 3 hours to drive to this village and back home, plus 2 hours for Awana, so leaders commit the whole day to this ministry. It is not always easy but it is so great to see children’s eyes filled with God’s love and desire to serve Him.

Please pray for our Club, for our kids and leaders."


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